Fat Loss Factor Review

by on October 6, 2012

The Fat Loss Factor Review
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One of the most common problems that a huge number of people have been facing can be described as obesity. Lack of healthy eating habits and exercise contribute immensely towards this problem and getting rid of excess fat has become a major concern for a good number of people. There is no shortage of weight loss programs and substandard programs will not be able to provide the desired results. Selecting the best weight loss program has become an exceedingly difficult task and most people search for a result oriented program that will go in complete harmony with their requirements. That is where the importance of an impartial fat loss factor review comes in.


Fat Loss Factor Diet – Details

Dr Charles Livingstone is the creator of fat loss factor and he is a well known chiropractor and wellness specialist. It can be described as a 12 week diet program and a well thought out detox plan will be given for the first two weeks. Human body absorbs various types of toxic waste from different sources like unhealthy foods and environment and during the first phase of this weight loss program, the entire focus will be to remove the dangerous toxic waste from the human body.

In order to achieve that people will have to undergo a detox plan and this program recommends the use of natural and organic foods like beans, raw seeds, raw nuts, vegetables and fruits. This detox period will help the body to remove all types of impurities available and it also prepares the body to achieve long lasting results as well. Only coconut oil and olive oil will be allowed during this phase and it is always advisable to consume a lot of clean drinking water as well.

The next phase is all about burning fat based on crucial fat loss factors. The dieter will be handed over a list of 15 foods that will cause maximum weight loss and the dieter will have to drink a lot of water to wash away the fat as well. In order to make the body ‘think and adapt’ this program recommends high intensity interval training and strength training will have to be done three times in a week to increase the metabolic rate.

Fat loss factor will teach the dieter how to prepare the mind and body to reduce stress and the meals should be divided into small portions instead of consuming high quantity at a time. This program will make people familiarize with the most effective ways of developing healthy eating habits and some of the information available in this program can be described as real eye openers for the people.

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Fat Loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor – Pros and cons


  • 1] The dieter will experience reduced food cravings
  • 2] It will ensure sound sleep
  • 3] Immune system will get strengthened
  • 4] It will keep the energy level elated
  • 5] Simple and practical steps that can be followed easily
  • 6] Weight loss and muscle building can be done simultaneously
  • 7] This programs guarantees immediate results
  • 8] It is available for a modest price
  • 9] This eBook can be downloaded with great amount of ease
  • 10] Dieters will not be deprived of their favorite dishes
  • 11] Money back guarantee scheme


  • 1) Some people complain that the first phase is a bit harsh for them
  • 2) This program demands a lot of commitment and discipline
  • 3) The cost of the foods can go overboard

Program Format

Fat loss factor is in the form of an eBook containing quality videos and it can be downloaded without having any difficulty. People will be able to record the workout progress and free email coaching will be given to the dieters. This program contains two phases and the first two weeks will be considered as the first phase. The second phase will last for 10 weeks. The method of approach is being explained in a systematic manner and this program can be customized according to the requirements of the people. After having completed the first two weeks of the program, a balanced eating plan in combination with a systematic workout program will have to be followed to make the weight loss really effective. The dieters will be able to learn quality stress management techniques as well. After answering 7 simple questions, some basic measurements will have to be taken and the goal setting guide will help the dieter to set an achievable goal. Then the process of achieving the goal is clearly explained in a step by step by process and all these aspects make fat loss factor truly unique and amazingly result oriented.

Customer Support

The customer support team will act with speed and accuracy and all doubts can be clarified without too much delay. Fat loss factor customer support can be described as highly responsible and a huge number of people rate the quality of customer support very highly. It is unfair to undermine the importance of customer support in popularizing this weight loss program and the feedbacks from the existing users reassert this opinion time and again.

What Does The Program Include?Fat Loss Factor 2.0 New

1) Fat loss factor eBook
2) Videos showing the cleansing process
3) Detailed workout plans
4) Exercise log for monitoring the weight loss progress
5) Goal setting guide
6) FooJoo software
7) 15 minute workouts
8] Shopping list for the grocery
9) EBook containing the recipes
10) Measurement forms
11) Lifetime upgrades
12) Free email coaching for one year

Fat loss Factor Pricing

When people hear about the entire package they may think that this eBook will be a costly one. The makers have given great attention towards the affordability aspect and this product is available with a reasonable price of $47

Final Conclusion and Rating

Building muscles and weight loss will go in complete harmony with fat loss factor. According to the makers of this program, fat burning should be an enjoyable process and that is why this weight loss program stands tall among the competitors. The systematic method of approach advocated in this program has won great appreciation and the feedbacks of the existing users motivate others to purchase this weight loss plan. The customer rating of Fat Loss Factor is 9 out of 10 and it is a clear indication of the true quality of this weight loss program.

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